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Delivery / post-retrofit

Delivery / post-retrofit

The delivery and post-retrofit phases cover all the activities needed to take your project from concept to reality, including design and installation, and then onto resident handover and long-term maintenance.


Whole building assessment and benchmarking

By this stage of the project, you will have carried out whole stock analysis and will have selected the properties that you wish to retrofit with an idea of the type of measures you’d like to carry out on them.

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Detailed design

Once you have carried out the whole dwelling assessment and established the appropriate retrofit measures for the property, then detailed design can take place.

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Detailed delivery plan

Your detailed delivery plan will help to ensure that you can implement your retrofit project smoothly and successfully.

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Once you have completed your detailed design and procurement process, you should have a suitably qualified contractor on board for the project and be ready to start working on site.

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Handover to residents

When your retrofit project is complete, it is essential that your residents understand how to use any new equipment and what it means for the way in which they live in their home. Without an effective handover, residents will not gain the full benefit of living in a warmer, healthier home with reduced energy bills and your organisation may not see the cost and carbon savings that you expect from your project.

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The final stage of a retrofit project is about making sure that the retrofit systems deliver as expected and that any issues are quickly identified and addressed. This involves a combination of effective use by residents and maintenance by the housing provider.

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