Forming a consortium and creating a team



Assembling the right team is a key part of developing a retrofit project proposal.

Forming a consortium is one of the critical tasks that must be started early on in developing the proposal. It takes time and effort and can be slower than you expect.

Retrofit projects are large and complex involving many different specialist skills. Once you have a consortium, the next task is putting together a core team that can deliver a successful application and then deliver the project.

Why it matters

Wave 1 of the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (SHDF) is being distributed through a Section 31 grant. This can only be granted to a local authority, combined authority or the Greater London Authority, so one of these organisations must lead a SHDF project. A housing association, other housing provider, developer or supplier that wants to be part of an SHDF project must collaborate with one of these eligible authorities. Future waves of the SHDF may allow for direct grant awards to housing associations and other providers. Please check the latest SHDF guidance.

In the longer term, a consortium approach makes the best use of the strengths of different organisations, provides strategic continuity and can help to unlock different sources of funding or support.

Understanding the different approaches to building a consortium can help you identify what role(s) your organisation can play in a consortium bid. This might give you scope to participate in a bid when resources are limited or the number of potential homes or budget might be insufficient to put in your own. This helps you move more homes along on your decarbonisation journey.

Bringing together the right team for your project will give it the best chance of success and positive outcomes for your residents. Some funders may require specific approaches to project delivery, so you will need to understand the tasks, skills and capacity of the project partners and find ways to bridge any gaps.

Key steps to take

Read our guidance on Forming a Consortium.

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